Muldoon Whiskey Liqueur

Muldoon was the first original drink crafted by Anchor Spirits.  It is a blend of quality Irish whiskey infused with toffee and hazelnut flavours.  The result is a 25% ABV Irish Whiskey Liqueur. It has won many awards nationally and internationally for taste and quality.

Muldoon takes its name from Tom Muldoon a local healer and herbalist who successfully used Irish whiskey in many of his medicines and remedies.

Award Winning Liquer

Traditional Irish Taste

An Amazing Taste Experience

Why is Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur so unique?

Muldoon is made with genuine Irish Whiskey and contains more Irish Whiskey than other whiskey liqueurs on the market. Muldoon is a fat free alternative to cream liqueurs and yet retains a smooth, luxurious finish.

What Our Customer's are saying

I really loved this drink when I was in Waterford.  I had it on my oatmeal in The Granville Hotel one morning and I had it again in the bar that night.   I brought some home and I’m still enjoying it.  Woo hoo.  Ireland - you have some fantastic drinks.  THANK YOU

Elaine, Wisconsin

We discovered Muldoon at my friend’s wedding.  It was the toast to the bride and groom.  What a great drink.

Patrick and Sandra, Belfast

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