About Us

Anchor Spirits was created with a simple vision of producing great tasting drinks.  We love to drink our own drinks!  Our best days are spent conjuring new concoctions which produce interesting taste profiles.  We have been known to start the process of making a new drink, not in a distillery, lab, library or brewhouse, but in a bar.  Yes, we’ve sat at a bar and literally tasted every drink they have, several times.  This exercise is not an attempt to get drunk, that’s something we never aspire to, but an effort to see what excites our taste buds.  We are genuinely all about taste.  We don’t just churn out the drinks to see what sells, our style is slower and more deliberate.  We must hit on just the right notes even if it takes much longer than expected. Each recipe and formulation is carefully crafted, sampled, sipped and approved only when we feel it is right. 

Since we started exploring the world of making booze in 2012, we‘ve produced three multi-award-winning drinks that cause a stir everywhere they are tasted.   Each drink can be sipped and enjoyed on its own or mixed as part of a fabulous cocktail.  We believe enjoying wonderful drinks is one of life’s simple pleasures as well as a great privilege to be savoured and enjoyed.  Put simply, we love a good drink.

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