Our Brands


Thin Gin

The name Thin Gin, is inspired by the adventures of Mr. Isacc Thin, a hobbyist bathtub gin maker from the late 1920s. Thin Gin is a 40% ABV gin in which you will find the classic gin botanicals along with Irish notes such as apple, elderflower, hawthorn, tansy and garden mint among others. The finish is a triple burst of citrus that conjures summer sunshine even on the darkest winter’s day. Thin Gin has won seven coveted awards including ‘Best Irish Gin’ at the Irish I.W.A awards and an international ‘Outstanding Gold’ IWSC medal in the Gin and Tonic category 2017. We believe that Thin Gin is best enjoyed using a 1:2.5 ratio measure of gin to tonic or mixer and garnished with a simple slice of luscious orange. The Thin Gin brand is simplicity itself, reflecting a more sincere era when true quality was only achievable through the very best natural ingredients without any of today’s science laboratory chicanery.



Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur

Muldoon is a multi-award winning toffee and hazelnut whiskey liqueur at 25% ABV. What makes it stand out in its category is the generous volume of genuine Irish Whiskey in the bottle. Muldoon is sweet on the nose, less so on the palate and incredibly smooth and warm to finish. The base is real Irish Whiskey so the sweetness can be adjusted by simply adding more Irish Whiskey. Indeed, the mix of Muldoon and whiskey has become a popular short drink. Muldoon is a luxurious after dinner drink on its own, a great addition to cocktails and coffees and a much loved food ingredient that has become a secret for many chefs. You’ll even find Muldoon Irish Whiskey Liqueur poured on the breakfast porridge is some very smart Irish hotels. The Muldoon brand is intrinsically poetic and Irish, inspired by the story of local legend and hero Tom Muldoon.



Spike Island Spiced Rum

Spike Island Spiced Rum at 40% ABV, has already garnered two awards international awards. A silver IWSC award in 2017 and a Spirits Business award in 2018. The base rum is imported from the Caribbean and hand spiced in Ireland. The spice mix for Spike Island Spiced Rum contains a delicate mix of nine different spices that takes several months in the to marry completely with the rum before it is bottled. As a drink it is rounded and robust and yet smooth enough to enjoy simply on its own without a mixer. Spike Island spiced rum takes its name from the Irish island that lies of the coast of County Cork. It has a rich and varied history that includes saints and sinners, invaders, scoundrels and rogues. The Spike Island brand is fun with an adult rock edge reflecting the multi-layered and complex rum within the bottle.