About Us


Anchor Spirits Ireland Limited is a boutique beverage company based in Waterford City in the south east of Ireland. 


Anchor Spirits Ireland produces new Irish drinks, carefully created and often inspired by old Irish recipes, stories, people and places that should never have been forgotten. In the days before mass production, automated factories and giant stainless steel tanks, making alcohol was an art and respected skill learned and practiced by many.  Artisan methods created drinks for personal pleasure, for medicine, for worship and for celebrating with.  As time moved on the craft was legitimised and largely made inaccessible to the ordinary man.  However in creating what we know today as the formidable and mysterious ‘drinks industry’ much of that individual passion for the craft was lost and we were all left the poorer for it.


Anchor Spirits Ireland certainly isn’t the first Irish company to realise this and is now taking its place among the many other new brewers, distillers and innovators that are awakening across Ireland.  There is a fresh interest in going back to traditional ways, producing a more natural product and doing it in small batches - all for the sake of one sacred thing;  the taste!  That’s what Anchor Irish Spirits is all about – flavour.  Our reason for existing is to create drinks that seduce more than one sense.  We are about great taste, a lingering aroma, an aftertaste and a talking point.  We want our drinks to be savoured and enjoyed.  While many of today’s large industry players are positioned in high energy environments with equally high consumption rates, we encourage you to enjoy our beverages slowly and indulgently.


We insist on strong aromas on the nose – the olfactory being the first sense to bravely venture down the road of something new.  As a twist, we like it lighter or less intense on the tongue, and then, above all, we want the warm after glow that makes a drink both memorable and great.


We’re happy to boast about having some of the finest taste buds in the land on staff. Those involved work hard to evoke the tradition of the Irish artisans of the past, especially when we find recipes and formulas that can be embraced, re-created and enjoyed by people all over the modern world today.